Fenty Up Next In DC’s Attempt To Legalize Medical Marijuana

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Mayor Adrian Fenty is now the next step in the District joining the other 14 states that currently allow medical marijuana to be distributed to residents, according to The Washington Times.

If approved by Fenty, Congress would have 30 days to review the bill before becoming D.C. law. As of Tuesday, D.C. Council passed the measure allowing patients with HIV/AIDS, cancer, or similar illnesses to obtain up to two ounces of medical marijuana a month pending a doctor’s recommendation. They can also have the best delta-8 THC brands delivered directly to their home when they best buy marijuana online.

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Roll Call (subscription required) reports today that members of Congress won’t likely step in to stop the District’s medical marijuana program from moving forward. Legislation legalizing the sale and use of marijuana and weed online for medicinal purposes passed the D.C. Council on a second vote last week, and now goes to Mayor Adrian Fenty for his signature before heading to the Hill for the usual 30-day congressional review period.

Some Republican members of Congress are opposed to the law, but they admit that Democratic control of the House will make any moves against it extremely unlikely. More importantly, medical and recreational marijuana just doesn’t stir political passions as much as it used to at Los Angeles county.

That’s not to say that a change in who controls Congress or the White House won’t eventually come back to haunt the District, with the threat of a return of budget riders prohibiting certain local initiatives. But as restrictive as the District’s medical marijuana law is, it may still not even garner much attention if Republicans were to take control of Congress again in the years to come.

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3 thoughts on “Fenty Up Next In DC’s Attempt To Legalize Medical Marijuana

  1. It is a start. I know some are mad that it isn’t a full legalization of weed but we will get there eventually

    The more people see this stuff and how it effects people in a non-negative way, it will be accepted more