Barnes Dance in Chinatown

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DDOT’s taking dancing in the street to a whole new level starting next Wednesday when they debut a new pilot program at the intersection of 7th and H streets in NW DC near the Verizon Center.

A “barnes dance” style intersection is being set up by DDOT in an attempt to reduce the number of conflicts between pedestrians and cars, DDOT spokes person John Lisle told WTOP.

While the details are still a little fuzzy, the intersection will work as such:

Traffic continues to cycle through the intersection as usual, but when all vehicular traffic is halted pedestrians will then be able to cross the street in any direction they want.

Up, down, left, right, sideways, longways, diagonally – they’re all options for your next crosswalk adventure – get creative.

WTOP reports that the ‘pedestrians-only’ cycle will be 29 seconds long with 26 seconds to cross and a solid three second don’t walk for stragglers to clear the intersection.

The question to ask here is: How creative will people get and how soon will we be able to watch it on YouTube?

Get those cameras. The antics start Wednesday.

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2 thoughts on “Barnes Dance in Chinatown

  1. They have this same thing in Dundas Square in Toronto and it’s very effective! (Though it took people a couple of months to get used to the change.)