Breaking News: Intersection @ N St and Connecticut Ave NW Blocked Off Due To Major Crash


A car accident occurred in the lane splitting of the intersection at N St and Connecticut Avenue NW just minutes ago. The intersection is roped off by yellow police tape after a truck SUV smashed into a motorcycle. The man driving the truck was not visibly injured and seen speaking on his cell phone at the scene. It is not known what condition the motorcyclist is in at this time but was seen bleeding and able to move around. As a result of the number of motorcycle accidents being high, enforcement at the intersection has been increased.

DDOT says to expect lengthy traffic delays on the post-work commute today due to the crash.

UPDATE, 4:21 — According to DDOT, North bound Connecticut Avenue is closed from 18th St NW to Dupont Circle. Southbound lanes are open.


More photos from the scene after the jump.


The man in the blue shirt on his cell phone is the SUV driver, according to a source at the scene. He does not appear to be hurtUPDATE, 4:18 — The man in the blue shirt is a friend of the SUV driver.

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14 thoughts on “Breaking News: Intersection @ N St and Connecticut Ave NW Blocked Off Due To Major Crash

  1. The guy in the blue shirt was the friend of the driver (who was also wearing a blue shirt, but shorts). They put the driver in the back of a squadcar (not in a “you’re under arrest” sort of way though); he was not injured. The guy on the scooter was initializing having a seizure (it looked very bad), had head injury (lot of blood), was moving when taken away in ambulance.

  2. The driver made an illegal left turn heading South on Conn onto a one way street (N) in the wrong direction. He hit the cycle head on apparently. If you know the area well, you can see what I am talking about.

  3. The van (Mazda 5, not an SUV) appeared to make an illegal left from SB Connecticut onto N Street, which is one-way in the wrong direction there.

    This was a too-typical “left cross” situation for the scooter, in which an automobile makes a left turn across the path of an oncoming cyclist. They did not hit head on; the scooterist (female) didn’t respond to the sudden appearance of the van in front of her, she hit the right front fender area of the Mazda, then flew off the scooter, crashed into and across the windshield, and fell onto the ground on the driver side of the Mazda.

  4. the schooterist is a male, first having a seizure and then stopped moving. Horrible! and the driver’s van is a dark toyota suv. the 911 took 40 mins to respond which is surprisingly slow. the driver spent all the time talking on his cell, never even bending down to see how the victim was doing.Not even to say helping the victim. later seems his lady lawyer and a friend came. unbelievable!

  5. Hey Lily, I think you meant 4 minutes, not 40 minutes. I heard the accident happen, then watched as it took 3 to 5 minutes for an ambulance and a fire truck to respond. Total response over the next 40 minutes was 2 ambulances, a fire truck, about 12 cop cars and about 16 cops total. The driver did stay away from victim; a bike messenger got a towel for head/blood of victim. As usual, a lot of people watched.

  6. I am curious why I keep seeing claims it was a woman; I was there also and if it was a woman I’m extraordinarily surprised.

    I didn’t stick around for long — wasn’t a witness to what happened, 911 had been called, and my being there served no purpose — but I thought the driver did at least bend down once toward the victim. That said, it would be smart of the driver to stay clear at that point, unless he’d been a medical professional. So I’m not going to accuse him of callousness on that basis.

    I do want to know what happened to the person who got hit. Based on what I saw and the police response, I’m guessing nothing good.

  7. This accident still haunts me. I was in the adjacent Starbucks when it happened. My first reaction was “How rude that people are running and being loud in here”; then I figured out what was going on.

    I have been trying without success to find out more about what happened to the people involved. If anyone knows, please post something.

  8. The motorcyclist was definitely a male. I walked out of my building just in time to see him fly over the vehicle. I ran up to him as he was moving his arms in the air and told him to stop moving but his eyes were just a blank stare. He was grabbing his legs which were moving as well so I dont think there was any spinal damage atleast I hope not. I definitely do not see a helmet anywhere near him so I hope that he’s not suffering any neurological damages. I left after listening to a lady talking to 911 and after a off duty doctor jumped out of his vehicle and pitched in. I’ve looked for any word on the motorcyclist and haven’t found anything as of yet. any updates would be great.

  9. Well, I hope the scooter rider is okay… however, there’s a couple things to observe here. As somebody who motorcycles on a big bike each day, I see, in the open air, and clear view, a lot of commuting and traffic scofflawing by a number of difference commuters each day that lends itself to accidents like these. Often police don’t enforce the infractions either (I saw at R street last night, a similar situation to this, I riding north, a Honda car taking a left from the southbound lane on Conn. Ave. and, surprise, a MPD cruiser with two officers in it in front of the Cosi angled to view the intersection… they did NOTHING! [7:5pm – so, Fenty, if you want to investigate])

    I see bicyclists, more often than not selectively apply traffic laws when dealing with intersections and cutting in front of traffic and not sticking to one side or the other. I see buses and other vehicles not use turn signals (it’s not a fashion statement people!). i see other motorcyclists and scooter riders split lanes (illegal everywhere except CA)… and pedestrians cross wherever the heck the want to (j-walking, etc.) instead of at the cross walks (especially at the 19th Street exit at the Dupont Metro). I see police and other motorists more interested in using their cell phones (also without handsfree attachments) than driving as well as pedestrians not looking both ways before doing that jaywalk, ALSO on their cell-phones. Also, if you choose to ride, bicycle, scooter, or motorcycle… wear the proper gear, shoes and protective equipment… I don’t care how you look, but do your in-motion activities safely.

    Do you people WANT to get killed/maimed/hit?

    While human beings are in motion, it requires a lot of brain activity just to keep you balanced and walking/driving/riding… don’t freakin’ complicate it by doing other things, be aware, listen and look and you’ll live to see/ride/walk/drive another day.

    (sorry for the rant, but I have little to no sympathy for idiots or people being careless)

  10. The scooter driver’s name is John. He was discharged from GW last Friday because he has no health insurance after having surgery for a broken leg and dislocated shoulder. I work for the firm that represents him and any eye witness accounts would be extremely helpful to John who is currently wheelchair-bound and unable to work as a result of the accident.


    Thank you for you help.

    Ryan Andrews

  11. Sorry–I was in the Starbucks nearby and didn’t see or hear the accident itself, only some of the aftermath. But from what I did see, I’m rather surprised that the injuries weren’t worse.

    I hope he knows how concerned people were/are about him.