Fear Not People Of Rosslyn, District Taco Will Be Back

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Yesterday, I received a distressed email from a friend of mine about the fate of the much loved Rosslyn, VA breakfast burrito truck, District Taco (DT). And yes, I’m well aware of the hypocrisy of a taco truck calling itself “District Taco” when it primarily operates in the NoVa corridor. But a good breakfast burrito is a good breakfast burrito, and worth saving.

According to a message on District Taco’s facebook page, the next door Baja Fresh filed a complaint to Monday Properties, the company that rents DT its morning operational space, that DT was stealing too much of their business.  Consequentially, Monday Properties raised the rent on DT forcing the truck’s owner, Osiris Hoil, out of his usual Rosslyn morning location.

Really, Baja Fresh?!! Really?!! District Taco is “stealing” your business? Isn’t this just some plain, good old American capitalism? Was DT’s superior product hurting your little feelings? Perhaps, you should stop whining about DT and focus your efforts on making a better breakfast burrito. Bam!

Fortunately, via District Taco’s twitter account, Mr. Hoil has not given up on Rosslyn and his loyal breakfast followers.  He is currently working with Arlington to find a new location just down the street. Hope to see you back in action real soon, District Taco.

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10 thoughts on “Fear Not People Of Rosslyn, District Taco Will Be Back

  1. Maybe Baja Fresh wouldn’t be losing business if their food wasn’t such crap. I work in the building with the Baja Fresh in question, and I’ll gladly walk a couple of blocks to wherever District Taco relocates to rather than go in Baja Fresh any day.

  2. Yeah, “producing a superior product” does not constitute “theft” in any sense. That’s ridiculous. I’m never in that area at breakfast time, but even if I were I wouldn’t patronize that Baja Fresh just on principle.

  3. DT can’t operate in DC because it doesn’t have a vendor permit– at no fault of its own. The permits are apparently distributed via lottery, and DT hasn’t had any luck in obtaining one.

  4. I just submitted a complaint on Monday Properties website. Not sure it will have any effect since they really only care about the success of Baja Fresh, but they should know that we are upset. Here is the link so that you can let them know how you feel. http://www.mondayre.com/page.cfm?pageID=12

  5. Baja and Monday should be ashamed of themselves. They thought they could strong-arm District Taco and no one would know about it. District Taco makes the best breakfast tacos in the DMV and Baja is hurting as a result – they want to use a Soviet-style monopoly and Monday wants to skim off the top. Monday needs to back down. This is like the Iraqis trying to muscle the Kuwaitis – THIS AGGRESSION WILL NOT STAND!

  6. Of course, Chipotle being located across the street from the building has absolutely nothing to do with Baja Fresh’s business being hurt, either…

  7. Some clarification…

    Our Rosslyn location was on private property, and we were indeed forced to leave because there was a complaint about DT from a tenant in the building. Monday Properties did not contact Arlington until the complaint was filed, but, as a result, Monday Properties will not give us the required permission to stay. It is worth noting that Arlington has been very helpful through this process and is assisting us in finding a new location. We hope to be in a new location in Rosslyn tomorrow morning (Wed).

    Regarding DC, our original plan was to open multiple carts in Arlington (our home) and DC. However, DC has had a moratorium on new permits, and we have been unable to get one. We are calling them weekly, and some day we will put the ‘Taco’ in the ‘District’.

    We are very thankful for all of your support and business.

  8. @DT Glad to hear Arlington is being so helpful and that you’re sticking with your Rosslyn location. Keep us loyal customers in the loop on any developments and we’ll see you in the manana.

    Also, can’t wait for DC expansion. That will be muy sabroso.

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  10. While I do believe in capitalism, is it fair for Distric Taco to put a mobile unit right in front of another mexican business? Roslyn is a big area. Why did they choose to pick that corner? Probably because it’s easier to steal another company’s business that they have established. When you don’t have any overhead, it’s real easy to undercut another business who invested a substancial amount of time and money in this location. Remember the rent, taxes , employess that Baja pays. I would try to run them off, too in the true spirit of capitalism.