Pop Warner Team’s Offices, Possessions Ransacked

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’01 st kilda’
courtesy of ‘Looking Glass’

How depraved do you have to be to go into the offices of a Pop Warner Football team, steal all the uniforms, wreck their trophy case and spray paint the trophies, steal the uniforms, and then destroy their van?  That’s what happened to the Benning Terrace Soldiers’ youth football program over the weekend. Their offices ransacked, their uniforms stolen, their gear taken, and their TV painted over.

We’ve asked Department of Parks & Rec how we can help with the cleanup or with replacing their uniforms, when we know, we’ll share that information.  This is a pretty awful situation, with no clear motive and no clear suspects.  How much of a toolshed and a coward do you have to be to pick on a kids football team?

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