Get Your Preak On?

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Last year’s Preakness Stakes was one of the worst attended in the race’s history, largely attributed to the inability to bring in your own booze to the infield. This year’s Preakness hopes to solve that, but by providing $20 unlimited beer to patrons who can arrive as early as 8:30a for a 6:18p post time. This has shades of Ten Cent Beer Night to me, and could result in some hapless drunkard running onto the track during the race, but that might be me projecting memories from my misspent college days onto the race.

Tickets are still available ($65 after fees for the Mug club, $45 for just the infield at the Preakness), and Zac Brown Band and O.A.R. are both playing the infield that afternoon before the race. Tickets elsewhere on the track start at $70, and go up from there.

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