ATM Bandit On The Loose

atm robbery suspect, courtesy of MPD

UPDATE (May 21, 2010 8:50am): According to MPD’s Matthew Klein, an arrest has been made in connection to these armed robberies.  The MPD is now actively reviewing all cases and determining which robberies the suspect, arrested last night, is connected to. The suspect is currently being held without bail.

The Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) is warning Northwest DC residents about an ATM machine robber working in their neighborhoods. The suspect’s (pictured above) most recent robbery occurred the DC’s First District on the 600 block of Massachusetts Avenue, NW. MPD believes this suspect is responsible for other similar robberies in the Second District.

The suspect’s MO is to approach individuals withdrawing money from ATM machines, and force them to withdraw additional funds while threatening to harm them. Several of the victims have stated that the suspect is armed with a knife.

As always, use caution when using ATMs and be aware of your surroundings. Should you see anyone matching this description, or if you observe anyone acting suspiciously, call 911 immediately.

Rebecca Johnson

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8 thoughts on “ATM Bandit On The Loose

  1. @Archibald Actually, you can still withdraw money from a bank teller, so no it’s not redundant. Perhaps you should get a passport and get out more.

  2. Not to fan the flame war…but I think his point is that the “M” in “ATM” stands for “machine” so saying “ATM machines” is the same as saying “Automatic Teller Machine machines.”

    However, I am of the belief that if you make comments like this, you sure as hell better make sure your comment doesn’t have any mistakes in it. Learn to capitalize, Archibald.

  3. Point taken. However, when you refer to ATM machine, that to me refers to an individual machine that is separate of a bank, i.e. a non-bank affiliated machine in a 7-11 not built into a bank wall.

  4. So, it’s safe to assume then, that as long as I use a bank ATM rather than a separate ATM machine, this particular robber won’t attempt to mug me?

  5. @Brendan No it does not. Was just clarifying the difference between the two.

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