Miss DC 2009 Defends Herself At Georgetown Bar

miss-dc-jen-corey021by Patrick G. Ryan
Photo By Patrick G. Ryan

Miss DC 2009 had quite the weekend here in the town that issued her the crown. First, a Saturday stint at Nationals Park to sing the National Anthem at the Battle of the Beltways series and then … things got a little less fun.

Jennifer Corey sent a line to The Washington Examiner early Sunday to explain the happenings of her Saturday night fiasco at a Georgetown bar involving her slamming a guy copping a feel up against the wall.

She told the Examiner that she was spanked by some “spoiled rich preppy kids who think that they are better than you because their dad makes a lot of money.” According to Corey, she was pushed or slapped three times by thee different men in Georgetown bars between Friday and Saturday night, hence her reaction of slamming guy number three up against the wall for protection.

“I just had so much rage against him … that I slammed him up against the wall,” Corey told the Examiner.

Rightfully so. No woman, whether they’re a pageant winner or not, should have to take being accosted by anyone without protecting themselves.

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2 thoughts on “Miss DC 2009 Defends Herself At Georgetown Bar

  1. She da shit!
    Those white meeeen always gettin all stank ass nasty up in dem Georgetown bars!

  2. That’s pretty racist. What if someone said “them black guys always mugging people and beatin’ their women.” I’m just sayin’.