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One of the great things I love about DC is that it’s an intersection of theory and practice; it’s a place where people take technologies and policy ideas and work them into rules and laws and systems. The Gov 2.0 Expo is taking place here this week, and it’s focused on just that process. This is a conference where those confluences are at their most visible, when technologists like Tim O’Reilly (no relation to Bill, promise) and others get to influence the direction of technology adoption.

DC is a Tech Town, in addition to being a Gov Town, and this week we get to see a bit of the mixing of the two. In fact, we’re so hyped up that we want to give away two conference badges to this week’s conference that runs Tuesday to Thursday. We’re pretty excited about the whole thing, so that’s not all we’re doing. Here’s how it’s going to work:

If you leave a comment, we’ll email you a code for a free Expo Hall pass, and that will also enter you to win one of the two conference badges as well. If you’d rather just register for this awesome event at 25% off, just use the code “lovedc” when you register for Gov 2.0.

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