Violent Crime in DC Down Significantly in 2009

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The FBI has released their annual summary of crime data for the nation, and the good news is: Violent and Non-violent crime in DC is down markedly over 2008 at a decrease of 7.2%.  2009 saw major decreases in the murder rate (down 30%!), the forcible rape rate (down 24%!) and car theft (down 17%!) and moderate decreases in overall violent crime (7%), robbery, aggravated assault, burglary and larceny-theft.  Arson was up slightly to a total of 55 in 2009 over 51 in 2008.

Much credit to MPD and Chief Cathy Lanier for their outreach and enforcement efforts to bring overall crime in the District down!

Looking at the regional data, DC decreased at faster than the regional average of 6.6%, and may have accounted for some of the drop in the murder rate for the Southern Region, and a portion of the drop in forcible rape for the region. Better still DC is now out of the top ten cities for the per capita murder rate, dropping down to #14. Things are looking up!

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