Jonas Brothers (Pop)Rock The Warner Theatre at 7 This Morning

JoBrosLiveDC Photo By Ashley Danchuck
Photo By Ashley Danchuk

Early yesterday afternoon hordes of teenage girls and entry level ladies lined-up outside Warner Theatre, according to the Washington Post, to receive free wristbands to a randomly announced Jonas Brothers show that took place this morning.

Getting into the show was an easy feat if you got in line early enough. Just stand outside the theater and wait for a wristband when the theater box office opened at 2 p.m. Tuesday afternoon. Sounds simple for the kiddies who are off of school, but what about those 20-somethings who have no shame in loving the adorable (yeah I went there, feel free to mock me, I can take it) pop trio?

24-year-old Ashley Danchuk, a self-proclaimed Jonas die-hard (she has a tattoo to prove it) and member of Team Jonas (The official Jonas Brothers Fan Club, who received word of the show on Monday night via e-mail), couldn’t skip out on her 9 to 5 to get the wristbands for the show so she had a friend go for her. It resulted in great success.

Not only did Danchuk catch T.Swift’s set at the Verizon Center last night but she woke up at the crack of dawn and arrived at 5:30 a.m to a line of “crazy, loud, and super fun fans”, with coffee in hand.

Lil’ Miss Danchuk had no problem with the start time if it meant seeing her beloved JoBros. “It was…amazing.  So much energy as usual.  Even though it was extremely early everyone including JB was excited to be there,” Danchuk said.

This just so happened to be Danchuk’s 10th time seeing the JoBros in concert.

What was so special about this one? “For me personally it was so special because it was the closest I’ve ever been to them.”

And then the kicker … was a show this early even worth it? Apprently so! “It was 100% worth it,” Danchuk said. “I would have gotten up hours earlier if I had to.”

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8 thoughts on “Jonas Brothers (Pop)Rock The Warner Theatre at 7 This Morning

  1. It’s not about being a hater Kelsey, it’s about recognizing what is and what isn’t a fad ;)

    Jonas Brothers = Fad. Remember NKOTB? Hanson? Yeah.

  2. I think the tattoo is great! It’s not like it’s a rendering of their faces or anything – just a meaningful little lyrical tribute.

    More power to you Ashley Danchuck! Hope you had a great time!

  3. I have no issue with the tattoo… that can have so many meanings. How would anyone know she’s a JB fan from that tattoo? You wouldn’t unless she told you.

  4. NKOTB just came off a sold out arena tour and Hanson deliberately went indie after getting sick of dealing with a major label, but still have a very loyal fanbase. What is considered a fad for some, is much more than that to others. Also, her tattoo does not indicate being a Jonas fan to anyone that’s not familiar with their lyrics. Even if she stops being a Jonas fan tomorrow, the meaning of the lyric may still hold value for her. I personally wouldn’t do it, but it’s not as if she got their logo tattooed on her or something equally as ridiculous.

  5. It’s true. If she didn’t say so, I wouldn’t recognize the tattoo as a Jonas Brothers reference. Instead, I’d assume she had gotten an REO Speedwagon tatt. Which is SO much better.