Union Ratifies DCPS Contract

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Take a deep breath, everyone, the long standoff between DCPS and WTU is ratcheting down, thanks to today’s vote from WTU members. Teachers voted overwhelmingly to accept the proposed contract, voting approximately 3.5:1 for the contract. The deal, which runs through 2012, grants teachers a 20% raise over that period of time. The victory is a big one for DCPS and Chancellor Michelle Rhee, who, in an election year, desperately needed one.

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One thought on “Union Ratifies DCPS Contract

  1. Mayor Fenty is going to roll to re-election this Fall as he has a bankroll and a weak opponent. Yes, a lot of people may not be happy to cast that vote, but he will work the bankroll, the flaws of the “Chairman”, and he will outwork any three candidates combined. Also, this is precisely why the local WTU and Weingarten agreed right now to the deal. After 2 1/2 years, if they thought there was a chance of Fenty/Rhee being gone after this fall, they would definitely have waited. This is the surest sign that the “smart money” with real stakes in the game see Fenty as likely repeat winner. BTW watch how the WaPo builds up the “Chairman” only to slowly let the air out of the baloon it has inflated. WaPo backs winners baby.