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fare increase? by maria jpeg izaurralde

With Metro’s new fare increase, you gotta do what you gotta do to make ends meet.  Whether it’s getting a third job as oil rig repairman, as a mental coach for Stephen Strasburg, or as a medicinal marijuana distributor, it’s time for the tough to get going.  I mean do they think we’re made out of money?  Do they think not killing us is justification for charging more money for each trip?  Maybe they’ll start offering discounted fares for those of us willing to ride on top of the train or use handcars.  At this point I’m ready to start handing out the Express to wealthy passengers in the morning and then hopping on the train when my shift is over, just to break even*.  In the absence of money growing on trees, this girl has got the right idea.  I mean she has really got the right idea.

* This post has been brought to you by the word ‘sarcasm’.

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  2. for the love of Christ can you please remove this boring woman’s photograph?

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