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There’s been a good deal of controversy on some community listserves over the 900 block of Rhode Island Ave NE, which has played host to some interesting developments over the last few years.  An older grove of trees was bulldozed this week to begin the development of a new condo property by Bozzuto right opposite the Metro station there.  In addition, some residents are objecting, in cases both anonymously and strenuously, to the presence of the Metropolis Club, an AA program, as well as the DC Superior Court Center (and its one jail cell), and the Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency for DC.

It seems to me that a lot of their concerns are largely bullshit nimbyism at its finest. An AA club provides a valuable service, and when placed near to the parole agency, it can become a resource for them to use with prisoners with alcohol issues. It can become an extension of the support network, which all of the community benefits from. Since AA also meets in churches, should we ban churches from hosting AA meetings near schools?

It seems that the large police presence just a few blocks up off Rhode Island would adequately handle any policing issues near the parole office or superior court facility (and its single jail cell) and that the AA club isn’t about to be a source of violent crime.  What do you think? NIMBYism or legitimate concern?

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One thought on “The 900 Block of Rhode Island Ave

  1. I love in that area and I agree that complaints about the Metropolis Club and the two court-related facilities are nothing more than silly, reactionary NIMBYism. One look outside my window at any goven moment confirms that alcoholosm and drug addiction are firmly rooted in teh neighborhood. Why would one shun something like teh Metropolis Clubm which has a lengthy record of helping people overcome these issues. The problem is here, lets welcome teh solution. I feel less positive toward CSOSA, a troubled agency to be sure. But thiose storefronts need to be filld with something and government agencuies ar egenerally solod tennants. Right now, the only business that seems firmly rooted in that strip is teh liquor store. Stop standing in teh way of what you claim to want, folks. These are positive steps fopr our neighborhood.