Kelvin Robinson to Challenge Tommy Wells in Ward 6

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Councilman Tommy Wells of Ward 6 looked like he might skate to re-election unchallenged, but as of this morning that’s no longer the case. At-Large candidate Kelvin Robinson has decided to withdraw his candidacy for the At-Large seat and will instead run for the Ward 6 Council seat. What changed his mind? Exhortations from the Ward 6 ANC Commissioners Mary Beatty and Gladys Mack and others in an open letter delivered to Wells recently. Robinson was once chair for ANC 6A, and served as Chief of Staff to Mayor Anthony Williams.

The letter, signed by two ANC commissioners and a number of Ward 6 businesspeople, cited a number of concerns: “With juvenile crime continuing to threaten the safety of our neighborhoods, the lack of a cohesive and community-centered approach to neighborhood development — especially for Reservation 13, RFK, Barracks Row, H Street and other critical areas — an innovative and more comprehensive, Ward-wide approach is needed to not only improve the places where we live, but also to provide critical jobs for District residents, help to fund programs for at-risk youth, and much more. We need a Councilmember who will fight for Ward 6 residents and ensure ALL voices within our community are heard, empowering residents to help develop the solutions to address the issues that confront us.”

Looks like only one council seat will be uncontested: Ward 3, with Mary Cheh running unopposed. Anyone?

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2 thoughts on “Kelvin Robinson to Challenge Tommy Wells in Ward 6

  1. Go Kelvin. Tommy Wells hasn’t done a goddamn thing for Ward 6.
    Chicken coop legislation?
    The new parking rules debacle?
    Car-free DC?

    Bullshit legislation for sure. From a bullshit legislator.
    And another thing. Wells is a transplant from Alabama. Hell, half of his staff is from Alabama.

  2. I agree Tommy Wells has been a do nothing first term councilmember. He is lacking a plan to really do anything other than a bag tax and belly up to the bar everyday. He oversight on the District Department of Disability Services has been a joke and much of disorganization shows his lack of genuine interest in accomplishing anything substantial.
    Ward 6 voters had better wise up and dump him now before he move into another 4 year term and does even less.