Metro Debuts New Public Scorecard


One of the promises that WMATA’s interim GM Richard Sarles made was with regard to the transparency of the organization, and that good data put into the public’s hands would let them judge the system fairly and honestly. Today, he delivered with the Metro Scorecard, which will be updated monthly, and gives riders access to some data on the service. Topic areas include, Safety, Reliability, Budget Performance, and Security, with sub-areas to tell you about On-Time Performance, Crime Rate, Operating Expenses Budgets, and Capital Investment.

The card lists Metrobus’ on-time performance rating at 74%, Metrorail’s on-time performance rating at 90%, and Metro Access at 91%. The bus rating also allows for a significant variance between schedule, allowing for up to 2 minutes early and up to 7 minutes late, whereas the rail stats only allow for a 2 minute delay.

The card also shows Metro’s customer satisfaction ratings, which were higher than I expected at 73% for rail and 77% for bus.

One bug I hope they fix: the scorecard isn’t readable in Safari or Chrome, only Firefox for the Mac. Performance on Windows is likely the same.

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