Free Stephen Strasburg First-Pitch Poster in Sunday’s Washington Post

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courtesy of ‘Chris Rief aka Spodie Odie’

Strasburg fans: You’ve got a little present coming your way. There will be a Stephen Strasburg first-pitch poster in the Sunday edition of The Washington Post.

Posters will be available in the early Sunday edition tomorrow and in the final edition of the Sunday paper.

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7 thoughts on “Free Stephen Strasburg First-Pitch Poster in Sunday’s Washington Post

  1. Generation thing here. To me, someone who remembers delivering papers, and still gets the paper Post home delivery (dinosaur alert :-), your version sounds like I will get it (please accept as FYI).

    I read it was retail only.

    Guess I will hurry to the store :-)

  2. As a regular subscriber to the Post, can I receive the poster? The e mail address in the ad promoting the poster for subscribers proved unavailable.

    Mike Clark
    6012 Jamina Downs
    Columbia, MD 21045

  3. To treat your 40 & 50 years subscribers about a poster is sure stupidity. Whoever was the genius behind this stupid idea I wish would get a brain transplant.Perhaps the Post should take a page from the now defunct Washington Times and do the same. Though i’m angry as hell,I expect a poster or two though I know it will happen. From an 84 year old handicapped senior

  4. Picked up my Sunday edition of the Washington Post and no Strasburg poster inside. Looked through it 3 times. What section was it in? Not too happy with the Post.

  5. I bought my Washington Post at a local gas station. No poster in my Washington Post. Paper was dated June 13, 2010