The Haynesworth Situation

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The word came last night, from his agent, Albert Haynesworth has no interest in playing for the Redskins. He has demanded a trade from the franchise, citing the change in management, and disagreements that have followed. When signed, there was lots to say about Haynesworth and his $100M contract, and it wasn’t exactly all good. To see a player making literal millions of dollars per season throw a temper tantrum because of a change in the front of the office? It’s shameful.

As it stands, the Redskins have paid this joker $55,000 per snap for his “work” last season, which saw Haynesworth on the sidelines more than he was on the field, due to injury. My thought? Trade him to Detroit and let him languish with those losers for a while. But I may just be a bitter and vindictive sports fan today.

Haynesworth likely faces steep fines for missing Mini Camp that started this morning, as well as other team-mandated activities that he has refused to attend since his pathetic display of selfishness began.   Here’s hoping the Skins can levy some pain out on Haynesworth for his insouciance.

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11 thoughts on “The Haynesworth Situation

  1. Time to cut this dude loose. Let’s pray Danny stops signing old players who are past their prime, especially those coming off injury-plagued seasons.

  2. Great analysis, Tom.

    At 55k per snap, we look like suckers but at least he is on his way out. My 10-year-old daughter knows how to suck it up and be a big girl more than Fat Albert does. (I will say that my Detroit Lions’ fan boyfriend didn’t like your comment, but it made me laugh, though we did lose to them last year….)


  3. The Lions (new) front office and staff is too smart to acquire a player like Haynesworth. They have a plan for success. The problem with a contract is it’s a two-way street. “Cutting him loose” will create a seismic cap hit. And no one will trade for him. So guess what, ‘Skins fans? You’re stuck with (another) front office mistake.

  4. I love the “outrage” …

    He is one man, who plays defense (some of the time) and never touches the ball. He was oft injured last year, and rarely played.

    Why do Redskins FANS care this much, about ONE player? You have a new coach, QB, RB (by committee), a new GM, two all-pro LBs returning, and a new friggin’ HD scoreboard in FedEx field. Any other city in America would be ecstatic about the possibilities of improving on 4-12… but not in DC.

    So Snyder screwed up – It’s not like that’s the first time. So who cares what Haynesworth does or if he wants to be traded? It’s a new era in DC – embrace the change, and let the front office handle their business and fine ALbert, if he’s not in camp. Simple as that.

  5. Send him to the Raiders, if nothing else we could get some draft picks from them.

  6. had this:

    The interesting part? Apparently Shanahan would have let Haynesworth go prior to that huge $21 million check on April 1. He didn’t- he took the money, and now he’s continuing to throw a fit despite having been paid.

    So now that he’s taken the money and whined, I’d keep him around- let him sit on his ass and cry, and see to it that until he shuts up and does his job he doesn’t get even a whiff of a trade somewhere else.

    21 million dollars… that makes my head hurt to even ponder that kind of money going to one person. That he’s acting like this after getting that money is just disgusting.

  7. I hope the Skins sue the hell out of him and get all the money they can

    The guy is an absolute baby with severe mental issues and a crybaby attitude