Quick Survey: World Cup

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‘American and English fans react as they watch World Cup match at Ireland’s Four Courts Pub’
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Today is do or die for the US World Cup team.  If we can beat Algeria, we move on to the next group and get one step closer to the finals.  I’m guessing that work places are finding themselves slightly under staffed today and so I thought I’d do a quick poll.  Who took off or is taking off to watch the match today? Me, I’ve got my ESPN3 steaming as we speak and I’m definitely taking an early lunch to watch the second half.

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2 thoughts on “Quick Survey: World Cup

  1. I work for an international organization staffed almost entirely by Latin Americans. As such, I supposed it shouldn’t be too surprising that the organization has actually set up huge TVs in multiple locations so that staff can watch the games… I sit below one of the areas and every time there is goal, near miss or BS call by a ref, the building quakes. The only bad thing is that our IT Department has blocked both the Univision and ESPN live streams.

    Oh well… it is almost the end of halftime so GO U – S – A!!!