Empanada Fever – Win an Empanada Party for 20

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Panas Empanadas on P Street is doing you a great big favor. They’re throwing wide their doors today at 11am and offering you a free empanada for dropping by, until 1pm. We dropped by yesterday to see how they were doing, and to try a few of the empanadas. If you’re used to be big doughy empanadas like from Julia’s, these are a welcome change of pace. The crust on these little wonders is crisp and thin, like good pizza, and it lets you focus on the delicious contents.

There are meat and vegetable empanadas, and they’re sized so you can have three or four, easily. They also offer tasty salads, as well as plaintain chips (gluten-free!) with house-made guacamole that is just wonderfully rich and flavorful.

Since they’re doing you a favor giving you just one, how about we up the ante and help you get an empanada party for you and nineteen of your best friends? Sounds good? I thought so. Tell us what you’d do with your empanada party in the comments, and you’ll enter to win. Give it some thought, the contest runs through next Friday.

Panas Empanadas (next to Tangysweet)
2029 P St NW
Washington DC 20036

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34 thoughts on “Empanada Fever – Win an Empanada Party for 20

  1. I would invite my friends over for the empanadas and enjoy a great day of Settlers of Catan!

  2. sunset rooftop(with a view!) empanada party with delicious drinks, lots of good music, and even better friends.

    maybe a pinata ^_^

  3. I studied in Chile several years ago, and empanadas where present at any party. Many of my fellow alumni live within four hours of DC, but we still haven’t managed to get together. This sounds like a perfect excuse to finally organize the mini-reunion I’ve been talking about for years!

  4. I love Panas empanadas-I first had them when a professor decided that every other professor and club always had pizza for review sessions, and he wanted to do something different. They were the first empanadas I ever tried, they were the best I’ve tried, and I’ve loved them ever since.

    Unfortunately, I have friends that have never tried an empanada. I think this needs to be fixed. I also have friends that have never watched the cinematic masterpieces Casablanca and Inherit the Wind. I KNOW that needs to be fixed.

    If I won the empanada party, I would invite 19 friends over for a “Mandatory Movie Party,” with two classic films that everyone should see, and tasty empanadas that everyone should eat.

  5. My blog just passed the 1-year mark; I’d love to have an empanada party with friends to celebrate!

  6. I’d invite my ten brothers and sisters and five nieces and nephews for my sister’s 50th birthday party. I’d invite Tiffany to help round out the numbers. :)

  7. I’m moving into a tiny tiny tiny apt (230 sq ft)next week, and I think it’d be fun to see if 19 of my friends and me could all sqeeze in and have an empanada party.

    And thanks for the tip on the free one. I went at lunch, and they’re delicious! Also had the quinoa salad. Yum :)

  8. I would pick up some more empanadas and do a Julia’s vs. Panas empanada taste test with a bunch of friends and delicious margaritas!

  9. I would have my kids and their friends run through the sprinkler and then eat empanadas standing up (before popsicles).

  10. If I had an empanada party I would have an empanada-making party! After finding out that the various ways we tried to make empanadas aren’t that tasty, we’d feast on the empanadas c/o WeLoveDC and relish in the fact that those are actually delicious!

  11. I would get a pinata and some sombreros and dance for a while to burn off enough calories to enjoy at least five empanadas.

    Guacamole for all!

  12. There are 20 plots in my community garden–i’d organize a potluck there for all the gardeners, and bring empanadas!

  13. i have a groupon for a house cleaning service. if i could get food w/o having to slave all day in the kitchen, i think i would fire up the margaritaville and have people over for the first time since i moved in nearly a year ago. no excuses when you don’t have to cook or clean! call it a very belated housewarming.

  14. Well, to be honest, I’d probably just get mad high with 19 other people and munch the fuck out, requesting that some of DC’s best punk be played. It’s hard to get that many stoners together to get ripped, however, and therein lies the novelty of my idea.

  15. I would do an empanada tasting of all the flavors with a blind beer tasting!


  17. All of those empanadas would require a nice day outside, some fine alcohol (beer and liquor, of course), wonderful company, and some gelato to finish them off.

    Of course, this would all ideally happen on the day of the World Cup final featuring Argentina and Uruguay, because seeing the state of South America would be SO interesting after that (especially if Argentina won, since Maradona said he’d run down the streets of Buenos Aires naked if they won it all – go Argentina!).

  18. I’d have a pana party for wounded veterans and their families. What better comfort food than delicious empanadas?

  19. Panas party for 20? My closest friends and I would share panas while watching the 2010 World Cup. Go Brazil!

  20. I’d hide the empanadas around my apartment and invite 20 friends over for a treasure hunt.

  21. My birthday is July 10 and I wanted to cater it with local fare since I’m having people travel up to visit. An empanada party would be primo!

  22. I’d use the promise of tasty empanadas to lure my family from rural MD to DC to visit me!

  23. I’d make a lot of federal employees with a barely functioning AC system very happy.

  24. Instead of the stupid “Icing Bros” phenomenon where dudes totally like surprise their friends with Smirnoff Ice and stuff and make them get on one knee and drink the whole thing, I will classy it up and “Panas Bros” with an empanada. It’s sure to take off as a city-wide craze and keep everyone well-fed and sober.

  25. I would invite 9 of my friends, insisting they each bring an eligible bachelor friend as an entry requirement to attend the party, thus supporting my 3 coworkers’ quest for triple-date prospects! Love over empanadas–sounds delicious enough to work!

  26. I’d take them to work and have a Western Hemisphere party where we could compare them with other local empanadas (El Patio, Julia’s, etc.) so people could see that CLEARLY Panas empanadas are the best.

  27. i’d have a work party to celebrate the end of two successful quarters – these empanadas are the best fare to offer because they can be vegetarian as well as gluten free – and since three on my staff have gluten allergies, it’d be a wonderful reward for them!