Commute Hell: Vent Here


I heard this morning’s commute described best by Chris Needham on Twitter, who wrote,  “I’m pretty sure this is how “Falling Down” started.” DC summers are usually the province of easier commutes, but this morning’s increased road presence due to the Metro fare increase, and significant arterial delays due to accidents and road construction, meant what should have been a cakewalk was instead the equivalent of the fourth ring of hell.

We know that you guys work hard to be on time, so feel free to vent like crazy about that crazy jackass in the SUV that cut you off, or the guy who just had to squeeze into that spot in front of you, or the bus driver who passed you by because his bus was all full. Just let it out. We can’t have anyone going that crazy this early in the summer. So just breathe, DC, and let it all out.

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11 thoughts on “Commute Hell: Vent Here

  1. It wasn’t any better on the VA inner loop. I was hoping the end of Fairfax County schools would give us a break. Next week I guess.

  2. Why were the two Blue Line trains in a row so full this morning?!? Fucking tourists. Stupid impending 4th of July.

  3. Red line on the metro was actually totally packed. I had to take it two stops backwards to squeeze myself on. So the commute sucked for everyone this morning.

  4. Yes, Red line was screwed. They were making some sort of announcement about it, but I couldn’t hear exactly what as trains were pulling into the station (for the opposite direction) every time they made it. I waited about 15 minutes for an “ARR 3” train. Which was rather packed..

    It wasn’t on the site, either. I checked several times.

  5. I left the red line when the shady grove trains weren’t coming for as I think the announcer put it “some time”

    So I walked the mile+ to work. and it’s like 100 fucking degrees.

  6. They off-loaded multiple trains at Union Station due to the overcrowding not allowing (or stupid people, IMHO) the doors to close. So, I decided than rather to chance more WMATA BS, and the expensive cab ride, to schlep it 18 blocks to work past the White House…

    This morning was the absolute first time I’ve ever declared my commute “loathe”-worthy… and i don’t use those words lightly. I would bet, if something doesn’t get better now that the increased fares will be hitting their coffers, there’s going to be quite an outrage. Even with MetroChecks as a Fed benefit, to me, it’s beginning to not be worth it… how can they run a transit system that counter-intuitively inspires people to drive more?

  7. Sometimes it’s a good thing to be a bus rider – no problem today at all on the 52: it came on time, seat available, and the AC was working just fine.

  8. First day of new commute (bought a house!) from Cap Hill to Tysons (c’mon silver line!) and of COURSE there’s an accident on 395 to keep me from getting to GW parkway. Got back off highway and made it through downtown without further incident. Only took 46 mins and I considered that a victory….

  9. Interest to read this today:

    I think the Washingtonian is full of BS, as I don’t know where to find parking at Metro Center for $10 (even at early-bird rates). Also, it doesn’t account for other costs like insurance, depreciation, etc. on the car. But Metro IS becoming almost as expensive as driving–and, whereas Metro USED to be more reliable in terms of timing, it no longer is. My 1-hour commute from Rockville to Arlington on Metro took over 90 minutes today.

  10. hah, oddly enough I saw a number of the $12 and $10 early bird parking specials while doing that lovely walk across town today… there are a number of those also on the west side between PA Ave and Conn Ave west of 17th street. EVEN at the $2-$4 more for the parking, it’s STILL cheaper to drive now… I’m only lucky, if it weren’t for the heat, that I usually motorcycle in, and pay, um, $1.50 all day for parking…

    Yes, Metro screwed the proverbial pooch now, making it truly worthwhile to avoid mass transit… bravo, bravo… is it worthwhile now to keep those $75k a year bus drivers and Metro operators on the payroll now that less folks are going to use the system, only to fill up the streets with cars, air with smog, and flaring tempers in any of those seats (car, bus, train).