Fancy Solar Compactors Spotted In Rosslyn

I think a co-worker spotted me taking this photo after work- she probably thinks I’m weird.

I was only snapping this photo because I just noticed that Rosslyn is sporting these fancy new Solar Compactors (aka the Big Belly) outside my office yesterday. Look how neat and tidy it looks compared to an overflowing trash can (which we’ve all seen on occasion around these streets.)

I first saw one of these things in action back in Boston and I’d love to see it in the middle of crunching down some garbage. For those that aren’t familiar with these things, a Big Belly is trash compactor that is with a solar powered from UV Power so you get a trash receptacle that can hold more and prevents pests from picking at the trash (and it doesn’t need any power.) The only complaint I had was that it made it hard for me to dump and run as I’m known to do in my jet-set lifestyle. However upon hearing that complaint my roommate told me I was a lazy, lazy person.

These units are already in use around Georgetown University, DC Parks, and Fairfax County.

What do you guys think about these the new bad boys of trash around the streets? If anything I bet M street could use some of these on the weekends.

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4 thoughts on “Fancy Solar Compactors Spotted In Rosslyn

  1. That’s cool that Besthesda has them too! I wonder if they are anywhere else in DC- would be a good idea to get them downtown. As much as I say AdMo needs them we know they would never get used.