Montgomery County on Water Restrictions


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While the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission repairs a 96″ water main in Montgomery County, all WSSC water customers are under mandatory water restrictions. The 96″ main near Tuckerman Lane and Gainsborough Road in Potomac set off early warning alarms this morning concerning its stability, and WSSC leapt into action. During these restrictions, WSSC customers are to:

  • Stop all outside water use – no watering lawns, no washing cars, no topping off swimming pools
  • Use water only as necessary
  • Limit flushing toilets (do not flush after every use)
  • Limit using washing machines and dishwashers (wash full loads only)


This will preserve enough water to allow for firefighting and medical uses of water. So if you see your neighbor in MoCo washing his car, tell ’em to wait until after the pipe’s fixed. And don’t water the lawn.

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