Electrical Fires on H Street, Penn Ave Plague Capitol Hill

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‘Eastern Market Manhole’
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Two big electrical outages in DC plague the Capitol Hill neighborhood this morning.  An electrical fire in underground conduit at 12th and H Street NE, and a generator fire at 7th & Penn Ave SE, have put two commercial strips in Capitol Hill in a bit of trouble this morning.  

DC Fire & EMS responded with a Foam/Hazmat truck to 12th & H last night around 11pm as the underground electric conduits had caught fire.  While they were able to, with Pepco’s help, put out the fire there quickly, the damage was done, and much of that area is without power. If you’ve got plans for Granville Moore’s, Sticky Rice or The Black and The Red later, you may want to call in ahead and make sure they’ve gotten power back.

In addition, a generator at 650 Penn Ave SE overheated, and that means that corner of businesses, from Peregrine Espresso, around to at least the Yes! Organic Market are out currently out commission. Peregrine announced that they are closing until Pepco restores power.
Now, they’re contacting one of the best panel upgrade services to help them get their power back up.

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