Scorching Heat, Take Precautions

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The next two days, we’re in for some absolutely scorching heat. Capital Weather Gang is forecasting that we’ll hit 100 for Tuesday and Wednesday, and that relief, should it come, will mean low 90s again. In this sort of baking weather, please do try to look in on elderly or disabled people in your neighborhood.  Cooling Centers will be open from noon to six today and tomorrow, at One Judiciary Square, the Reeves Center, the King Office Building and 920 Rhode Island Ave NE to help those who are without any climate control.

The humidity will also play a factor in your discomfort on Wednesday, as the front begins to break. Today should be just awful, while tomorrow will be super extra extreme awful. Expect heat index values up near 110. While today’s 101°F forecast will not break the 103°F record set in 1999, tomorrow’s 100°F forecast will likely eclipse the 1991 record of 99°F.

Please take steps to make sure that you’re getting enough water today. If you’re looking for some exercise, take a swim, DC’s pools are free to all residents! Limit outdoor work during the heat wave, I promise the lawn can wait until Thursday or Friday when things will be a bit cooler. Look for storms by the weekend.

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