Thank You, Engine 17

Engine 17, DC Fire/EMS

The sound of my neighbor beating a pot with a spoon woke us about 4:30 this morning.  Getting up to see, there was a low haze in the air, and an odd smell.  Donald was dragging his hose into the alley behind our place and spraying against the fenceline behind the house on the far side of the alley.  I opened the window and asked if he needed a second hose, and he shouted, “Yes!”

I threw on some pants and went out to spray down the woodpile, while Jackie called for the fire department.  We couldn’t have been spraying more than 5 minutes when Engine 17 came down the street to assist.  They dug through the woodpile and sprayed down the whole area and got the last of the embers out.

This is a quick reminder: launched fireworks are dangerous things, trebly so in this dry heat, as they have a tendency to ignite everything around them.  Keep it to the legal sort that don’t fly.  Keep a fire extinguisher nearby.

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