DCRA hosting home improvement seminar Saturday

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It’s amazing to me that as the owner now of a house instead of a condo, how many trips to Home Depot I’m making.  I swear in the last two months, I’ve been there at least once a week.  It’s not that our house has problems, it’s just that the little things stack up.  I tell you, though, there’s no better feeling than coming out of a hardware store with a project to accomplish.  You just feel, holding the pipe wrench, teflon tape and float valve kit, like you could construct an entire bathroom with nothing but sweat, tools and expertise.  It’s a totally beguiling process, wherein you decide that if Joe the Plumber can make a living doing this, you could totally do it yourself, but keep in mind that a plumbing service is essential in any home. You can visit https://kellieplumbing.com/plumbing/ for more information.

This Saturday, DCRA’s here to help with a four-hour workshop for homeowners on working on your home.  Looking to make things a bit more energy efficient?  This one’s for you.  “The event will include clinics offering practical tips and demonstrations to homeowners on how to make their dwellings more weather-proof and how to complete some projects without having to call a professional.” Adding rain barrels, solar panels, and doing weatherstripping and sealing will be covered, and the event is free of charge. It’ll be at the Home Depot on Rhode Island Avenue this Saturday from 9am to 1pm. DPW will have compost for your garden, and DDOE will have winterization kits for District residents. See you there!

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