14th Street Bridge Pattern Shifts Yet Again

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If you drive into DC across the 14th Street Bridge every morning, you are a hardy, hardy soul.  Truly, your conviction to automotive transit must be a strong one.  For the last year and change, the construction project has turned the 14th Street Bridge into the commuting equivalent of a test of will.  This week, in an effort from DDOT and VDOT to further confuse, deter and otherwise make crazy those who might cross the span, the traffic pattern has shifted again.  The span is now divided in half, with the middle lane of the bridge blocked off, and two lanes going to the left and the right. I’m sure this is making for some confused commuting, so share your good stories, assuming you haven’t flown into a homicidal rage, in the comments.

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5 thoughts on “14th Street Bridge Pattern Shifts Yet Again

  1. I’m sure coming from 395S must be a nightmare, but getting across from the GW Parkway has been surprisingly easy during this whole process. We’ve been car-pooling over during all phases without incident.

    They have to replace the asphalt right as you get onto 14th street though – those large divits are awful to ride over.

  2. If it were up to me, I’d build a new 14th Street Bridge. With more lanes. And maybe some cool trestles and guard sculptures.

  3. You know, it’s been worse since they closed off the middle lane (allowing those from the GW to drive right on) but before that, it was actually better. This morning wasn’t so different from any morning… everybody’s kind of complaining about nothing. I have yet to see Armageddon on my commute.

    That’s good because I’m trying to protest outrageously increasing metro fares by – yes – driving.

  4. I’m in no position to protest. It’s still more expensive for me to drive into town and park! ;)