Blurt Magazine’s “Best Kept Secret”: D.C.’s The Public Good

Photo courtesy of The Public Good
Photo courtesy of The Public Good.

One of Rock’s Best Kept Secrets,” according to Blurt Magazine, is D.C.’s very own The Public Good.

The quartet featuring the one-time nucleus of the North Carolina band The Popes rocks hard while writing songs with wit and empathy regarding the highs and lows of everyday life as a big kid aka being an adult.

The Public Good will be gracing D.C. with their stage presence on July 29 for an early 8:30 p.m. show opening for North Carolina’s Saint Solitude with fellow D.C. band Sweet Interference and indie band Spouse rounding out the Thursday night bill at The Velvet Lounge.

Doors open at 7:30. Show starts at 9 and is 21+ with an $8 cover charge.

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4 thoughts on “Blurt Magazine’s “Best Kept Secret”: D.C.’s The Public Good

  1. TPG has 2 CDs out and both are quality works. They’re also going to be at Fort Reno on Monday, August 9.

  2. Spouse’s own site says:

    Turning out albums that are engaging, precisely because they sound at times unsettled, is an inadvertent reflection of the group’s own toggling between two hometowns (Northampton, MA and Portland, ME).

    MySpace page just says “Portland.”

  3. The Puvlic Good live in that elusive none-too-common intersection between rock and pop that can reach the listener through the ears, head, heart, and gut. Poignant lyrics, heartbare and loaded, singalong melodies, and at times crushing rock and roll make up a band that has it all for fans of Guided By Voices, The Shins, Avi Buffalo.
    Fort Reno!