Virgin Mobile Fest Lineup Announced


Set your calendars, people. July 24th, 10am, tickets become available for this year’s Virgin Mobile Free Fest on September 25th at Merriweather Post Pavilion. The very impressive bill, which you will be able to see for a grand total of $0, is Jimmy Eat World (whose new album is dropping around then), The Temper Trap, DC-based Electronic act Thievery Corporation, rapper Ludacris, indie darlings Pavement, Yeasayer, LCD Soundsystem and Matt & Kim, plus Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros, Joan Jett, and T.I.

These tickets always sell out. Be ready to exercise your clicking finger early on Saturday morning to get these tickets.

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8 thoughts on “Virgin Mobile Fest Lineup Announced

  1. I think you guys need better music writers:

    “DC-based Electro act Thievery Corporation”

    how is it that Thievery Corporation music is electro?

    way off base there – lounge, downtempo, world fusion, etc – but electro? not even close!!


  2. When what a band plays in their live shows is decks and a synthesizer, and when their own website describes them as a “production duo,” it’s fair to call their act “electronic.” Which is where it is widely categorized. What seems unreasonable is dismissing an entire group of music writers based on one writer’s one genre classification with which you happen to disagree.

  3. Electro does not equal electronic.

    electro is a genre of music.
    electronic is a method of producing metro.

    thievery corporation does not make electro music.
    while their music is produced electronically, the full band performs it live, it is not an electronic or pre-recorded performance.

    your article needs to be corrected.

    nice editors.

  4. this is true, but you did not do such: “it’s fair to call their act “electronic.”

    your article called them Electro.

    you are wrong.

    its really funny that a website/blog called “WE LOVE DC” knows nothing about Thievery Corporation and had to go to their website for information. epic fail.

    go back to the burbs.

  5. i see you corrected your post. i feel vindicated.

    i have an idea for you, try this blog out: