DC cleans up after storm cell

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It’s finally a beautiful morning in DC again.  There’s sunshine expected most of today, but it’s not the sort that comes with heat advisories, and right now it’s a balmy 77°F as I type this.  First time I’ve felt comfortable in a week.  The storm that pounded the area has left some problems behind, though, and cleanup is a big part of that. More than 70 trees were down and blocking roadways last night, according to DDOT. If you lost a branch or two in your yard, or worse blocking a sidewalk, do try to clean it up and set it in the grassy area between the sidewalk and street, or near a tree box, and DDOT will swing through and pick it up. For large limbs, please call 311.

If you don’t have power, you’re not alone. Pepco has 240,000+ without power this morning in DC and Maryland, with approximately 25,000 households in DC affected. Check their storm map and you can see where the worst of it is. In addition, WSSC has enacted water restrictions after the damage, as power was cut to their primary treatment facility for Montgomery and Prince George’s County. Power was restored at 6am, but the WSSC is still far behind where they should be in treatment for the time being, and are keeping the restrictions against watering lawns, filling pools, and running partial dishwasher and clothes washer loads in place.

How’d your neighborhood fare in all this?

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One thought on “DC cleans up after storm cell

  1. It’s not just 77 degrees out, but the dew point is in the 50s, which means is a lot less humid. And there’s a nice breeze. Very pleasant!