Rain, Rain, Go The Heck Away and Stop Causing Trouble

Flooding at Foggy Bottom Metro / Photo by Tiffany Bridge

It’s as if Snopocalypse Now Parts I and II weren’t enough for the crazy weather the District’s seen in 2010. Storms galore are appearing at a more consistent rate than a Nats win streak.

Is it god crying because baseball Jesus was put on the disabled list? Who knows. Either way, WLDC Author Tiffany is reporting that gallons of water and debris are currently flooding Foggy Bottom platform from the ceiling.

Also — the power’s out at the Friendship Heights metro station. Update, 4:01 p.m.: Friendship Heights metro station is open again.

Know of any more problems? Help your neighbors by leaving ’em in the comments. It’s good karma.

More photos of Foggy Bottom flooding after the page break.

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7 thoughts on “Rain, Rain, Go The Heck Away and Stop Causing Trouble

  1. My only problem was being too close to a lightning strike while I was at Farragut Square an hour ago. That spooked every bird in the square.

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  4. By the time I came back through an hour later, it looked like the problem had been mostly cleaned up- the train had no trouble pulling into the station and the water had been pretty much mopped up.

  5. That underground station must have a bad leak. This shows how Metro’s infrastructure is deteriorating

    Why is the train sitting with their with open doors allowing water to get into the car?

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