Wegman’s in Largo opens October 24th

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‘Wegman’s without Jessie’
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Via the Washington Business Journal comes the news that there’s a Wegmans scheduled to open in Largo on October 24th in the Woodmore Towne Center development near Fedex Field. All I have to say is: bring on the proliferation of the Wegmans. These places are about the most awesome grocery store you will ever find, but due to their size, they run into a lot of the anti-Big Box store regulations, and the general problem of finding that much contiguous properly-zoned and reasonably-affordable land.

Color me super excited to see another one, and one close to me in Brookland. We’d been stopping in Leesburg when we head to the farm, or when I visit my clients there, but now to have one a bit closer is fantastic.

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4 thoughts on “Wegman’s in Largo opens October 24th

  1. Any word on when the one near Kingstown is going to open? I don’t think they have broken ground yet.

  2. Approve. Absolutely. Wegman’s was among the top three reasons that I survived a winter in Syracuse during grad school.

  3. Rumor has it there’s supposed to be a Costco opening next door or very close to this location too.