Peak-of-the-peak starts tomorrow afternoon

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This morning should have marked the implementation of new peak-of-the-peak fare hikes, which add $0.20 per trip to metrorail trips taken from 7:30a to 9a, and 4:30p to 6p, but Metro is taking things slow with this one.  Look for the first to get charged during tomorrow afternoon’s rush, and the first morning peak-of-the-peak to debut before the end of August.  In addition, using a paper farecard will now cost you an additional $0.25 per trip.  That’s right, a quarter extra if you don’t want to use the SmarTrip cards.

At the end of the month, SmarTrip cards are dropping down to $2.50 from $5.  I’m not sure why the change in fares to make paper farecards more expensive didn’t coincide with Metro’s price drop on the cards, but I’m sure they’re going to milk that extra $2.50 for all it’s worth in the meantime. If you’re commuting ten days this month, it will pay for itself. Otherwise, use the paper tickets and grab the SmarTrip when it’s cheaper on August 29th.

Update: This story has been altered to reflect the change that peak-of-the-peak will debut tomorrow and not today, as Metro has delayed the rollout yet again.

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