Social Media in the Campaigns

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DCist has a good piece today on Social Media in the local political campaigns, and I have to say, this is an excellent batch of candidates for the large part, when it comes to using social media and the web to influence voters. Over the weekend, I used Twitter to get in touch with two of the Ward 5 candidates for City Council, both of whom said they’d be out and about in the ward this weekend. We offered lemonade to the teams of any of the campaigners who happened to be out, and we had a great group from the campaign of Kenyan McDuffie stop by to talk with us, and the candidate himself dropped by after the forum on Saturday. It was nice to use something like Twitter to meet up with, and talk issues with, a candidate in a city as big as ours. I was really impressed with his dedication to the Ward, and his willingness to pursue potential voters through social media to bring his platform forward.

Nice job, Kenyan, sorry DCist didn’t mention your efforts.

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