EEOB evacuated briefly due to suspicious package

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‘Eisenhower Executive Office Building (19/365)’
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Numerous reports on Twitter, and word from DC Fire & EMS, show that the Eisenhower Executive Office Building on 17th Street just south of Pennsylvania Ave NW is being evaucated due to a suspicious package referred to by DC Fire & EMS as “haz mat unknown substance,” this morning. The All-clear was given just after 8:20 this morning.

This is the third suspicious package in a prominent location in as many days, with suspicious packages shutting down 13th & New York Avenue on Tuesday and K & I streets between 7th & 9th streets on Monday. Perhaps this is related to the Metro terror threat that we discussed yesterday, as all of these locations are within two blocks of a Metro station (Farragut West today, Metro Center yesterday and Chinatown Gallery Place on Monday).

Either way, I feel compelled to remind you of a few things: Don’t be an asshole and leave your box or suitcase behind anywhere. If you’re going in somewhere for coffee, don’t just leave it on the street unattended. If you do spot a package like this, do try to find local police, but not before seeing if you can find its owner immediately nearby.

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One thought on “EEOB evacuated briefly due to suspicious package

  1. People leave their boxes out on the sidewalk when they go into get coffee? That’s a new one on me.

    What about the one other day that was finally described as clothes in a container chained to a tree? Did they ever track down the asshole of no fixed address who was responsible for that?