Let’s Get Ready to Rumble! on TV

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‘Debate Between Governor Charley Johns and Future Governor LeRoy Collins’
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Televised debates have a storied history in the US. The Nixon/Kennedy debate in 1959 put a spike right through Tricky Dick’s campaign and shot Kennedy right into the White House (okay, so maybe that metaphor is a little too close to home, but hey, at least it’s not “too soon”?) and today at 10am on TBD TV, DC will get its own version of that.

Adrian Fenty and Vincent Gray will face off on live TV with Bruce DePuyt moderating. Questions will come not just from him, but from Twitter (use hashtag #dcmayor to ask a question) and other social media sources. The whole thing should be pretty exciting, but why is it happening at 10am on a weekday instead of in primetime? This sounds like something everyone should be watching, not just us local bloggers in our pajamas! (PSA: I’ll actually be working today, sad panda.)

So, if you can beg, look for a resource such as buy or borrow a television today at 10, watch the two mayoral heavyweights face off. Fortunately, neither distraction candidate will be there today, so you won’t have to deal with any anti-immigrant nonsense from Leo Alexander or any just-plain-crazy from Sulaimon Brown.

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