I need something from you guys today.

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‘Double rainbow over Glover Park’
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It’s not a big thing. It’s a pretty small thing. But it’s still a thing, so I’m going to ask nice. Can we not have any big nasty news stories today, like shootings or fires or political candidates getting huffy and bitchy? I need a heavy dose of fluffy kittens, lobster trucks, double freaking rainbows, or maybe yet another story on local grocery stores by Sommer Mathis at TBD. Can you help me out, DC? Can you? Please?

Or is it just going to be one of those weeks where every day has another suspicious package or two? Or a world-ending power-wrecking tree-carnage-causing storm? Or a baseball team whose primary skill against the Marlins appears to be looking good in a uniform? Or a football team whose pre-season stinks of a 5-11 effort in the regular season? Or a local mayoral race where we can’t seem to stay focused on the issues long enough to talk policy?

Sigh. DC, I need your help. Bring me the good stuff.

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