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‘Rebel Heroes’
courtesy of ‘Chris Rief aka Spodie Odie’

Oh Monday, you are so silly.  You’re not anything like your sibling Friday, who rocks everyone’s socks off.  But, you’re not so bad, Monday. You brought us our food trucks back, and that’s not so bad. We had hoped to tell everyone about the first day of the Lobster truck, but sadly they’ve pushed to Tuesday, so you’re stuck with your usual complement of awesome and not the expanded complement. Remember: Blue flags are trucks, Purple flags are stationary carts. If you’ve got something to add, drop it in the comments, otherwise, click through for the map!

View Food Trucks for Monday, August 16th in a larger map

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5 thoughts on “Food Truck Tracker

  1. Tom, I think you meant to place DC Slices at New Jersey and M SE (near the Dep’t of Transportation), not New Jersey and M, NW

  2. FWIW, Sauca is closer to 7th and Independence SW than 7th and Maryland SW. Not an error on We Love DC’s part, but I figured I’d mention it, since I almost missed them when I went out for lunch just now!

  3. Yeah, the cross street where the proprietor ends up is frequently not the closest cross street to where there’s actually parking for a vehicle that size.

  4. Thanks, Tiffany–I’ve definitely noticed that. I’m not always clear on why the folks in the truck don’t tweet a corrected location once they actually find parking…seems like it risks losing customers.