2,600 change party affiliation ahead of primary

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Apparently you all listened when we said it was time to make sure your voter registrations were up to date, and that you needed to be registered as a Democrat in order to vote in four weeks. 2,600+ of you changed your voter registrations as of yesterday, including 308 Republicans and 2,000+ who’d claimed no party of their own. This will definitely be a number that comes into the fore on September 15th, when we’re dissecting the results of the primary. 300 Republicans is good for Mayor Fenty, many of whom place their trust in Fenty on issues of education reform, but the 2,000+ “no party” affiliation folks, well, that could be just about anybody.

Good on everyone for getting their registrations handled well before election day, and in plenty of time for the primary. Four more weeks of campaign ads, campaigning, and watching those guys like hawks. I know that I, personally, am still undecided about this fall’s mayoral race. Where are you? Tell us in the comments.

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