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There’s a fair amount of food truck closings/different locations due to today’s weather. We’ve moved those trucks that are closed/not operating today to the middle of the Potomac, because let’s face it, we’re all under water right now.

If you are going to brave the weather and head out to a food truck, best to check that food truck’s specific website or twitter feed to be sure they’re operating and to double check their location.

View Food Trucks for Wednesday, August 18th in a larger map

Rebecca Johnson

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8 thoughts on “Food Truck Tracker

  1. I’ve been keeping up with the Food Truck Tracker posts and the map for a little while now and I’ve got to wonder why are there never any trucks West of the GW campus (Georgetown, up Wisconsin, etc.)
    I’ve never seen them over here and I can’t imagine that the lunch options competition is any more fierce in G-town than downtown. Are there zoning/parking issues that the trucks just don’t want to deal with over here?

  2. @DCinDC Aw, man, sorry for the confusion. That’s a mistake on my part. Too much rainpocalypse confusion. They’re at 6th and Maryland SW today.

  3. @Bilsko I do believe that Georgetown has prohibited food trucks. Bad form Georgetown. Bad form.

  4. @Rebecca I knew there had to be some (probably poorly rationalized) reason there were never any blue&purple markers by me. Bad form G-town indeed.

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