Rob Dibble parts ways with MASN

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It was announced this afternoon, and reported by beat writers Mark Zuckerman and Adam Kilgore, that embattled broadcaster Rob Dibble will no longer be calling Nationals games on the cable sports network. It is expected that Ray Knight will continue as the color commentator for the network, but no plans have been announced.

Dibble has been in the spotlight recently for some sexist comments made about female fans, and some controversial remarks concerning Stephen Strasburg, and his relationship with the franchise has been a bit strained of late.

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9 thoughts on “Rob Dibble parts ways with MASN

  1. I’m sad that Dibble will no longer be calling the games.

    While I didn’t always agree with what he said, he made the games more interesting to watch. Plus, he told some interesting stories and had a wealth of knowledge about pitching in the biggs.

    Ray Knight stinks. That good ol’ southern boy routine was old 2 innings into watching him.

  2. I’m not a huge Knight fan, but I’d prefer him to Dibble significantly. Hell, I’d prefer an oscillating fan to Dibble.

    It would be nice to see them fill this position with someone new in the off season.

  3. It’s actually kinda cool to see around the park the guy who scored that run in the Bill Buckner game. I say keep Knight as the pre- and postgame guy.

  4. I guess the bling from that ring he won was really annoying to Mike Rizzo and you Nats fans! Must suck to know that he got a ring that Mike Rizzo’s precious protégé will never see with the Nats!!!! Poor Nats!! They suck and the only bright spot was listening to Dibble try to get people pumped up about the game! Go Nasty Boy Rob! Run from this city!!!! Go get the love in the ‘Nati!!!!

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