Talkin’ Transit: On the Tube

I’ll wait while you watch that video, possibly for the second (or third time).

After seeing yesterday’s video for Metro’s new Train Arrivals by Phone service, I figured I’d go look through some of the video that Metro has posted over the last few years to YouTube.

Below the fold, my favorites, including gems made for the inauguration, “Littering Rabbit”, and some behind the scenes at Metro videos.

This is my favorite of the Metro videos, “Littering Rabbit, Recycling Dragon”:

And here’s how to prepare for the inauguration, Mr. Tourist. Actually, this still works, and you should send it to all your friends who are coming for a visit:

Here’s a behind the scenes look at t aMetro train control room. Good for us transit nerds:

And here’s a look at the tracks:

Now wander over to their YouTube page and look at some of the other videos Metro has up.

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