Fenty Asks Obama For Some Help

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Mayor Fenty is trailing in the polls. The District is less than a week from Primary Election Day. So what does Fenty do? He calls President Obama.

“I have personally reached out,” Fenty told WTOP although he has not named which White House official he spoke with over the phone.

Fenty told WTOP that he personally called the White House and asked to speak with President Obama and the First Lady regarding a potential endorsement in his name.

Besides a helping-hand from a federal face in a local campaign, President Obama and the White House don’t have much to offer the current District mayor besides a continued personal relationship with the first family.

In an ideal situation, Fenty would like to see the Obama’s make a personal appearance before the Sept. 14 primary announcing their endorsement of his campaign or for the White House to print an official endorsement of his campaign, but so far there has been no response to Fenty’s request.

Fenty does remain realistic that this last minute high-profile endorsement is unlikely.

“For lots of reasons I don’t think that’s going to happen,” he said.

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