Primary Day is here

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The polls open this morning at 7am, with multiple city-wide offices hotly contested, including the office of Mayor of the District of Columbia.  Whether you back Fenty, Gray, Alexander or even Faith, today’s your day to vote.  If you have questions concerning where to vote, whether you’re registered, or how to register on-site, DCBOEE has activated their election day website which has quick answers to all of those questions.  There is on-site registration this year, but there is not instant party-switch this year.  If you’ve not declared yourself to the DCBOEE to be a Democrat, Republican or Statehood Green party member, you cannot vote today, but can vote in November.

I’ll be working as part of the elections team in Precinct 70 today, as a technician on their equipment, so if you’re over that direction, do say hi.  Working the elections is a long, long day, with workers reporting at 6am, and then not leaving until usually 9 or 10pm, so go easy on your precinct people today if you’ve not voted already.

We’ll have live coverage of the returns when they start to come in tonight, both here on the site, and on our Twitter account, and we’ll have a full breakdown tomorrow of the winners.

Go! Vote! Participate!

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One thought on “Primary Day is here

  1. You can vote even if you haven’t registered as part of a party beforehand, you just can’t switch parties. It’s a pain to fill out the forms and get the special ballot, but you can do it.