FoxNews: GU’s Bulldog More Dangerous Than A Momma Grizzly

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‘Georgetown v. Villanova basketball – 2’
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FoxNews has published a list of the Top 15 Most Dangerous College Mascots and the slobbering, cute furball pictured above (aka: Georgetown’s “Jack The Bulldog) has made the list. Fortunately, he’s in good company with fellow bulldog comrade, the University of Georgia’s smushball “Uga.” What actually qualifies Jack and Uga for the list is unknown as the news agency didn’t outline the criteria or list methodology.

Personally, I can think of a lot of other “mascots” that are more dangerous than the animals on this list; they generally tend to involve college students dressed up as mascots. Human decision making, especially college student decision making, is a hell of a thing.

Rebecca Johnson

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3 thoughts on “FoxNews: GU’s Bulldog More Dangerous Than A Momma Grizzly

  1. Grammar quibble: headline should use “than” and not “then.” It’s a comparison instead of a chronological sequence. End of cranky word nerdery :)