100 Arrested at White House in Coal Protests

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100 people were arrested at the White House this afternoon as part of a civil disobedience protest concerning coal mining.  They had protested at Freedom Plaza, and then headed from Freedom Plaza to the White House, stopping traffic and disobeying pedestrian restrictions, according to WAMU.  The group was given the chance to disperse before they were arrested by the US Park Police.

My favorite quote from the AP Release: “Jeremy Cherson, a senior at American University in Washington, had a mandolin around his neck and held a carrot and stick in his hand. He said the carrot was a plea for clean energy and the stick was actions like Monday’s rally. He said he skipped a class on critical social thought to attend the rally.”

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3 thoughts on “100 Arrested at White House in Coal Protests

  1. Can someone explain to me how one can be arrested for refusing to move off a sidewalk? Seems like public space to me.

  2. Thats me! Thanks for liking my quote! Stop MTR now, it is an abomination against all we as a species and have learned through the progression of knowledge and enlightenment!