Midday Drive-by shooting at Funeral claims at least one life

The funeral of Ashley McRae at Walker Memorial Baptist at 11th & U was the site of a gruesome drive-by shooting this afternoon.  8 or 9 shots were fired, and claimed the life of at least one victim on the scene, with other injuries reported.  Details are still forthcoming in the next few hours as the scene is controlled by MPD and statements are released.  In addition, the shooting caused a multi-vehicle accident at 13th & U, as well.  The area around the site is currently closed to vehicle traffic.

Update 1:43pm: McRae was a recent murder victim herself. Damon Antonio Sams was arrested and charged last week in her murder. MPD said at the time they were investigating whether an argument was the motive. TBD has photos from the scene and comments from former Ward 1 council candidate Bryan Weaver, who was nearby when the shooting happened.

Update 2:06pm: The Post‘s Mike Debonis spoke to Councilmember Jim Graham, who says MPD had 5 uniformed officers plus additional plainclothes officers attending the funeral.

Update 2:25pm: The Post talked to Chief Cathy Lanier and got her description of the incident, indicating that the vehicle that overturned was trying to flee while being fired upon.

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