16th Street Fire forces evacuation, street closures

Photo by Dave Stroup, We Love DC

An early morning fire in the 3100 block of 16th Street forced the evacuation of an apartment building and required multiple rescues from DC Fire & EMS.  8 people were transported to area hospitals with serious injuries, including smoke inhalation, and one person has died from their injuries related to the fire.  A 38-year-old male, yet to be identified, leapt from the burning building and sustained fatal injuries in doing so.

We Love DC correspondent Dave Stroup reported from the scene via twitter, and compared it to the 2008 Mt. Pleasant Fire.

TBD was on the scene as well this morning, and has comments from the Fire Chief and others.

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2 thoughts on “16th Street Fire forces evacuation, street closures

  1. I had not seen a DC Fire and EMS response of that magnitude since ’08. It was huge, I woke up to sirens and could smell the smoke, even though I was several blocks south of the fire. When I got outside, I saw firetrucks lining 16th Street from Harvard all the way up to the scene. There were trucks on 15th Street as well, and on Mt. Pleasant Street. It was massive. Police everywhere, and news trucks rolling up. There were pumper trucks hooked up to hydrants all the way down at 16th and Columbia. It was something else.

  2. This was heart breaking. I was on my lunch break when all of the people burned came in our doors at work. The smell of the freshly burned flesh could be smelled through the entire area of the hospital. Most heart breaking