CBS Radio reporter arrested for possession with intent to distribute

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NBC Washington’s Kriston Capps has confirmed that CBS Radio’s Howard Arenstein and his wife were arrested for possession of marijuana with intent to distribute yesterday. Arenstein, whose bio lists him as both correspondent and bureau manager for DC, was arrested along side his wife for growing marijuana in their backyard in Georgetown.  Plants were reported to be up to eight feet in height.

Depending on how much the police confiscated at their Georgetown home, under DC Code § 48-904.01 Arenstein and his wife may face up to 5 years and $500,000 in fines if convicted for that arrest.  If they had less than 8oz of marijuana, they may only face 180 days in jail, but it sounds like multiple plants were confiscated, with each plant tending to be approximately a pound, they’re probably in the front half of things.

Update, 7:45pm: After we posted, Arenstein’s Twitter account was suspended. We have the last tweets he sent:

The Final Tweets of Howard Arenstein

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